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Costumes with Big Hair

When it comes to Halloween, it’s go big or go home! From accessories, costumes, and even the parties themselves, everything is amplified on Halloween.

But what about your hair? If some hair is already amazingly big and beautiful, does that mean that it can be even bigger and more wild on Halloween? The answer is… absolutely!

So get out the hairspray and biggest wig you can handle. Here are some costumes that are inspired by the big hair that defines them!

Marie Antoinette

From “Let them eat cake,” to getting her head chopped off, there are few things more iconic than the late queen of France, except her hair. Why not curl that bouffant to the stars with a baroque inspired look that will make heads roll!


Bride of Frankenstein

This big and beautiful black and white ‘do will be shockingly gorgeous with a vintage wedding gown and a tall and handsome green monster on your arm.


80s Everything

From glamour shots, hair bands, and 80s workout videos; everything was neon, animal print and BIG! Hunt down the biggest shoulder padded jacket you can find, dig out those old acid washed jeans, and tease, tease, TEASE your hair to new heights.



Let your beautiful and natural locks steal the show with this adorable lion-inspired look that will make you roar with excitement! Just a cute nose with your eyeliner, a dark lip, and you’re ready to pounce on the fun at your next party!


Marge Simpson

A muted neon dress never looked so good. Arguably TVs most recognized mom, Marge didn’t just have gravity defying locks, but she used that ‘do to store all sorts of important necessities for her family throughout the show’s many episodes. Talk about beautiful AND functional!


Treasure Trolls

While a recent film re-imagined the trolls, other generations remember the cuteness that was the Treasure Trolls that sweetly smiled at you with their tiny jeweled pot bellies. Get the whole gang together for a fun and nostalgic group costume that will make you want to shake your head to the music… just to get your hair to poof out.



While the original Medusa might turn those who look at her to stone, this rendition is much less frightening. Just a dollar store package of toy snakes spray painted gold and then woven into your hairdo, and everyone else’s look will be “hiss”tory!


Pretty Much Every Disney Princess

While having the natural volume most of these beauties possess in their animated features isn’t something most of us have on our own, it is doable with some hairspray or a fun wig that can take your Halloween to the next level. You definitely won’t be home before midnight with one of these fun looks.


So this Halloween, make your hair the star of the evening with a big and glorious ‘do that will make everyone know where you are at all times!

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