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Quick and Easy Hairstyles (VIDEOS)

Maybe you slept in, had to work late, or just don’t want to spend a ton of time on your style. We don’t blame you! Here are a few quick and easy hairstyles that can save you time AND make it look like you put a lot more effort towards your beauty routine than you actually did. (Don’t worry, the secret is safe with us!) Just make sure to practice them first a few times, to make sure you’ve got the hang of it.

Three Styles in Minutes

These quick styles can help you hit the snooze button an extra time while still giving the appearance you spent all morning primping.

Messy (and Cute) Bun

This takes literally just one minute for a super fun bun to wear to the laundromat, when you’re dropping the kids off at school, or just to switch up your look halfway through your day.

Fine Hair Styles

Beautiful hairstyles for those of us who are lacking in the volume department. (Ps, can we talk about her color? Love it!)

Quick Fake Braids

These are shockingly easy and very cute. She also uses some extensions, and while they aren’t necessary, it shows how just a single weft can subtly add extra volume.

Short Hair, Big Style

This style might only take a few minutes, but it looks like a million bucks! This would be perfect dressed up for an event, or dressed down for a casual outing with your bestie.

So if you need some quick and easy hair styles, why not check out these and other YouTube videos. They can help save you time, keep you looking stylish, and save you some frustrating last minute moments.

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