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Reasons We’re Excited for Fall

Autumn is just around the corner and with it comes beautiful colors, cooler weather, and amazing experiences you can only get for a few weeks out of the year.

Here are a few specific things that we are excited about that the beautiful season of fall has to offer.


Those cute knit hats that have been looking at you longingly each time you poke your head into the back of your closet are ready to make their seasonal appearance. Wear one to keep your ears warm AND to look super adorable.



Nothing pulls an outfit together better than a scarf. We were a little sad the day it was too warm to put on our favorite one. Get them out now to air them out and give them a quick snuggle. Soon, dear friends, soon.


Fall Colors

Your drive to work at the crack of dawn is more bearable when you catch a glimpse of the beautiful changing leaves. Blink and you just might miss them. Taking the scenic routes during their transition is a great way to pass some time and to get an inspirational view.


Autumn Hair Colors

Red, auburn, and even brunette, they’re all beautiful colors that can give some of us a break from the bleaching and harshness of summer hair maintenance. Plus, they’re gorgeous and have endless possibilities of color combinations.


Pumpkin Spice Everything

Say what you will about pumpkin spice, but no matter what you’re opinion it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. From your coffee, cookies, candles, and even perfume, if pumpkins and spices are your thing, then this season is your time to shine.


Fall Decorations

Fall decorations have been slowly infiltrating the aisles of many different stores for months now. While some people roll their eyes and complain on social media, some of us can’t hold back our excitement every time we passed the glittery pumpkins and sprigs of fake fall leaves.



Their are few things more dearly missed than a great pair of boots as they give you those invisible puppy dog eyes while you slip on your flip flops. No longer will you have to keep your pedicure looking pristine or even have to wear matching socks. They don’t care one bit, and will even cheer on that last bit of polish that clings to your big toe nail long after the rest of your tootsies have been polish-free.


Letting Your Hair Down

After the balmy days of summer, your hair has had quite a beating from elastics, tight pony tails, buns, and braids whose main purpose was to keep your locks off your sweaty neck and hairline. Now that the cooler weather is here, give your hair a chance to breathe and relax with some looser styles along with a much needed deep conditioning.


Brisk Weather

The summer is absolutely wonderful with its warm and sunny days, but now that the bite of coolness is almost here, the idea of spending more time outdoors with a few light layers on is an irresistible treat.


Fall Weddings

All weddings are wonderful no matter when it’s celebrated, with fall being no exception. The excitement of a new season paired with the joy of two people sharing an important day can’t be beat. It’s a great way to celebrate the season.



A sweater is like a hug that’s just for you. While your tank tops and summer wear is certainly fun and fashionable, there’s nothing quite like slipping on a cozy old friend who not only will keep you warm, but also has a fashion sense all its own.


Baked Goods

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes… it might not be the best time for your waistline, but gosh darn it, it sure is a deliciously indulgent time of year.


So, while you enjoy these final weeks of summer, don’t be sad that it’s over, instead be glad you had such a great season and have a million reasons to enjoy this coming one too!

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